Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In the beginning

This is the beginning of something new for me... blogging.  As a matter of fact, the past several years have been all about new beginnings for me.  Most of which I have not liked. 
I was pretty content with my life.  Married- both of us with great jobs.  Two daughters living at home and two older step-daughter who had made a life for themselves.  We seemed to be doing a pretty good job getting along with the ex's in our lives.  Attended church on a regular basis- really thinking that I was doing everything "right"!  Of course life had it's issues but nothing I couldn't handle.  You see, I always thought I had "big" shoulders and could handle anything... And then it all kinda fell apart....
My 15 yearold at the time decided to move to her dads (absolutely devistation hit me)-  10 months later my husband got layed off from a job he'd been doing all his life (more devistation)- 8 months after that we started the ball rolling on opening our own business, dumping everything we own into it- 3 months after that, I left the job that I had been at for 16 years (another very difficult time)- 
and this is where my blogging begins....  trying to figure out how to keep a positive attitude in the midst of all this turmoil-  with the possibility of reaching out to others and just saying... "you're not alone."